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Connecting People to Plant Based Nutrition.

Exclusive Personal Chef Experience

If you’ve found me, it means you are looking for authentic and nutrition rich food and beverage options for yourself, your family/friends, an event or celebration. I am truly happy that you have made the conscious decision to share this time and future experience with me.

In House Chef​

My name is Luz Angela Echeverry, aka Chef Angelas Kitchen. I have spent the majority of my life seeking knowledge; learning the healing art of empowering gastronomy. Traveling the world, I have managed, opened or owned fusion F&B establishments. From Italy, Dominican Republic, Philippines, Spain and the world. Thanks to so many beautiful people and cultures, I have opened new doors and learn’t the never ending secrets to health, nutrition and how it reflects mental, physical and spiritual well being.

Special Events

With honors in politics science, my skills in public relations revealed I had a great don. This gift was being able to use conscious gastronomy as an added value tool for breaking cultural barriers, connecting people and solving personal and emotional instabilities.

Nutrition and diet play a crucial role in the development of the human mind and body. Allowing yourself to follow a balanced, genuine and plant based diet has multiple long term benefits. Ive realized the immense lack of healtheir options in todays market. With the lack of options comes lack of information.

Social Impact & Intrinsic Health

I am here to prove to you and yours that the world of plant based gourmet is much the same as that of a protein rich, carnivorous diet. With a little guidance, you too can feel better by making subtle changes to your daily routine. I will never force nor criticize personal choices but will shine light on truths and urban legends. Meanwhile, I hope to leave you surprised, extremely happy and ready for a new chapter in health and nutrition.

I also work with various animal protection societies amongst a variety of other community based organizations. Social impact is attained via a membership to a registered lifestyle association known as “Arte y Bienestar Calpe” where we regularly assist, fundraise and network between likeminded businesses, and wellness organizations.

Consultant and Coach​

If your seeking a unique experience for your next in house party, celebration or event then you can count on me to create an exquisite experience.

Give me a call or send me an email and I would be happy to explain more. Please follow me on all major social media platforms.

Lots of good health,

Chef Angela

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